Who am I?

Hello! My name is Young-Ji Cho and I’m currently studying English and Art & the History of Art at Amherst College.
This summer, I’ve been given the opportunity to travel to South Korea to pursue an independent project related to asian art and culture* (hence this website)! I am calling the project “he(art) and s(e)oul”.

Why he(art) and s(e)oul?
And what is this project about?

Heart and soul. What Korea represents to me, and what I hope to put into this project. The name is also supposed to be a little play on words to encapsulate all the parts of my project: an artistic exploration of South Korea and all its gems (the parentheses emphasize art and seoul in each respective word). I’ve decided to divide my project into 2 parts: a Travel Diary and a portfolio of Artwork. The general theme I hope to explore in my Travel Diary is the relationship between tradition and modernity in South Korea’s landscape and how that translates to its arts and culture.
Please check out my introductory post if you’d like more detailed information about the project.

Click here to check out my travel diary, where I document the sights, tastes, and thoughts I encounter as I travel around South Korea.

Click here to check out the artwork that I’ve made in response to this project.



* Thanks to the Summer International Experience in Asian Art and Culture Fellowship established by Scott Nagle for Amherst College.

All pictures and media on this blog have been taken and created by me, unless otherwise noted.